bosses restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

decent chinese food at this slightly-ova’-da-top chinese restaurant in vivocity. it’s not new (witness the old post here) but it remains popular for its dimsum and flowing custard buns.

I try not to do too many second takes, but it is worth letting you know that they also have yam and sesame flowing buns – the yam was a slightly-sweet, beautifully pastel purple flow of smooth yam paste out a equally lovely pale-lavender bun; the sesame was less flowy (but it did sit very long, neglected amidst the torrent of dishes that arrived), but I loved the flavor. black sesame has this addictive, nutty profile that just hits every button on this console.

I’m less impressed with the more popular salted yolk custard buns – I know some of you guys out there are fans – but to my estimation, the paradise group or crystal jade ones seem to taste better (but to each your own!).

the rest of the food is pretty decent lunch eating – but don’t forget their house specialty beancurd! it’s fried blocks of spinach-bottomed eggy tofu strewn with a savoury mushroom sauce atop blanched greens. delicious.


Bosses Restaurant
#02-156 VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
tel +65 6376 9740
$$: averages thirty, or less, for dimsum

4 thoughts on “bosses restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

    • thank you rhonda! I do wish I had more access to things you guys do – like good fluffy pancakes and corn dogs and all that produce – but we are pretty lucky in singapore!

    • bernie, totally understandable considering where you live. this is not bad if you do venture out, though it’s a toss-up between this and crystal jade dining in if you’re in vivocity!

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