singapore night festival 2012

I’m rushing this out in an effort to be current with the times, and I’m guessing that the fact that the night festival is just over a week before makes it relatively relevant (please say yes). these are photos from the first weekend of the festival – photos from the second will follow!

this is my second time at the night festival, and I went on the saturday night of the first, as well as the second weekend. on the first saturday, I thought it wasn’t terribly impressive – we went at 9.30pm and left just after 11pm and the events were lacklustre. there was a gymnastics/circus event in the singapore art museum where there were women hanging and twisting about on rope – interesting for about 5 minutes, and then we moved on. amusingly, they let children play on the ropes after the performers were done and I heard them asking parents to sign indemnity forms in other for them to play. as the british would say it, health and safety gone mad.

we managed to catch a shadow puppet show that was meant to incite nostalgia and it did, but at the same time I thought it might have been hyped up a tad too much in the brochure and so we walked away slightly disappointed. the effects were pretty cool though.

what was very good were the many exhibitions. there was one on the history of singapore – I know that we have many of these around, but the artifacts and the articles were cool, and it really is a good thing to learn what happened with your ancestors and grandparents. in singapore’s case, we are such a young nation that these things continue to be relevant though really the knowledge feels a little like it will die out with my generation.

there was a photo exhibition, and I think it was a collection curated by the museum from a wide range of different people. very nice shots and angles, and yes I know I took photos of photos, but really that’s the only way to hold on to things that you’ve seen. they covered a diverse array of topics, from food, to travel, and photos of singapore.

stalls were set up as part of the festival this year, selling traditional snacks. as with the tales of old singapore, I’m afraid that my generation really might be one of the last to know of these. there was puttu ayam, which is a white rice vermicelli served cold or at room temperature with bright-orange sweetened coconut. its very refreshing and light for what really is a dish of noodles. there was also kacang putih, which basically refers to an assortment of seasoned, fried nuts and legumes spooned into cones for you to take away. these were popular in cinemas and as snacks in years gone by. I particularly love the battered peas that are fried till crispy.

I found loads of memorabilia in the gift shop (good god I can shop anywhere), very artsy-fartsy items with lots of design quality. they had clothes, watches, household items and all sorts of small knick-knacks that people like to bring back which usually end up in some sort of box hidden away from view. they weren’t cheap, but they were surprisingly inexpensive. could be a good place to get gifts.

in any case, I’ll be sharing loads more photos, and hopefully some .gifs if I can make them in a subsequent post. I hope you liked the photos!

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