crystal jade jiang nan restaurant, harbourfront

really enjoyable chinese food at vivocity. I saw this place in the corner while shopping one day and it showed great promise – I dreadfully miss the variety of regional chinese cuisine you can get in london, where different restaurants fulfil different cravings. here in singapore, I find that most chinese establishments serve a variant of cantonese food – I am cantonese, and a huge proponent of the cuisine – which is tasty and all, but rather monotonous and single-faceted in flavor. this place serves cuisine supposedly found in the eponymous region south of the yangtze, but since I have little inkling of what constitutes staples in that region, I’ll just say that the flavors here are different and pretty unique.

since writing this post, I’ve been here again a second time for a larger meal (this visit was a sort of tea-time stopover), and so more photos will be up subsequently. in general, the portions are reasonable, though the prices are a little higher than you’d expect from a crystal jade quick-diner (to differentiate from their more expensive sit-down establishments) franchise, but still well worth it in my book for a tasty and flavorful meal.

I’ll talk more about the menu when I do a second post about this place, but this time we ordered a bowl of hand-pulled noodles – or lamian – with beef in a clear stock that was pretty rudimentary and did its job, and a bowl of beancurd ‘noodles’ with edamame for myself. the beancurd noodles were essentially beancurd skin sheets cut into thick strips and stir-fried in a sesame-heavy manner with fresh soya beans. I loved this – very clean and clear flavors.

I had to satisfy the sweet tooth with a red bean dessert – I think this was grass jelly cubes topped with ice and a surprisingly generous amount of red bean. I’m biased toward chinese bean desserts, but I do think this was good, if not as outstanding. till next time!

p.s. they had a very neat call button on the tables that would attract the attention of the waiters, which is pretty useful seeing as they do get quite busy, and it’s not always easy to get their attention. I think it adds to the impression that this is meant to be a quick diner, and so I rather appreciated/liked it.

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