tulipmania, gardens by the bay (take one)

warning – this is a photo post. you might like to look away now if you have a fear of colours, are a man, or if the sheer beauty of nature literally takes your breathe away.

I brought my grandma and grandaunt to the conservatories at singapore’s relatively-young gardens by the bay for a look at tulipmania on mother’s day, and we spent a ridiculous amount of time wowing and fawning over the varieties of succulents, cacti and blooms there.

it’s a beautiful place: exotic, luxuriant growth encased in bright natural light (and air-conditioned to boot).


we’ve come so far in aesthetics and appreciation for the little details – I truly never expected to have a place nearly this gorgeous and well-designed back home, and it makes me more than a little proud.

I’m going to stop here so y’all can flower-gaze in peace. colours ahead!

a little interruption: how velvety are those petals. and that color!

I know I mentioned tulipmania – I promise to show you some photos soon (this is the first of three posts in the series) – but I thought the conservatory in itself was beautiful, and brilliant beyond any description I could possibly contrive.

if you’re in singapore – go and have a look. I did a far bit of scoffing myself before I came – completely foolish.

Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
tel +65 6420 6848

p.s. grab the mrt to bayfront station, follow the directions and hop on the shuttle to the conservatories.

7 thoughts on “tulipmania, gardens by the bay (take one)

  1. I love my country and her man-made beauty. actually, we tend to whine so much about construction and tourist dollars.. and then enjoy going to these places. I really like the helix bridge :P

    • better man-made than none isn’t it! I love that helix bridge too. but if I’m in that area, then going up to kudeta is completely worth it – if only to just gaze at it all (especially in night light).

  2. blargh.. colors! vivid colors! my eyes!! .. haha.. just kidding. all of them look great. but my fav from the lot? – the last 2 pics.

    • those were the ones I was least sure about! the last one looks like a water painting more than a photo. my favorite are the first two. have fun in guangzhou!

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