cha cha cha mexican restaurant, holland village

agreeable tex-mexican at this open-air restaurant in holland village. I don’t have much experience with south american or mexican food – and tex-mex is probably the closest I’ve been (since this year).

it was a reticence set off by a traumatic carbplosion of an experience with my first ever burrito: beans and rice and guac and not much meat enveloped in a thick shroud of a tortilla – nothing I cared for a repeat of. so – I came with low expectations, and while I’m pretty darn sure the food here isn’t anything fantastic, it went down easily enough.


it’s a rustic cuisine – bright and fresh and pretty wholesome, even if the carbtravaganza bit of it still holds true. my timid-embrace-a-new-cuisine solution: (mostly) skip the carb, and get at the protein.

we started with a bowl of corn chips – pedestrian, though that salsa was something spicy, and hence addictive. the menu is split between enchiladas and burritos, quesadillas and tacos – and really, it’s the best real-life application of permutation and combination I’ve seen in life: the trinity of rice, tortilla and meat combined in a ludicrous number or ways.

the crab meat enchiladas: well-seasoned, real shredded crab wrapped in two tortillas – the filling was a wet mix that turned the tortillas into a wanton-skin-tasting stodge. the insides were delicious and easily finished, the tortillas I left behind. the cha cha cha combinadoes was the same, served with refried beans on the side.

pescado vera cruz: a rather expensive plate of fish wrapped in iceberg leaves and topped with salsa, nestled in a fried tortilla. puffed up and browned, the fried shell was texturally interesting, if less tasty than the nachos – and the fish was moist and quite tasty. overall, a plain-tasting but passable dish.

we finished with churros – possibly the best part of the meal. fresh-fried, still soft but with a good crust, these were topped with cinnamon sugar alongside ice-cream. I’m not sure what it says about me that I much prefer those rotating crullers you see on sale at american fairs and theme parks.

places like this are the bane of a food review: they have passably good food – sufficient for a mild hey-check-this-place-out-if-you’re-there recommendation, but nothing to render any enthusiasm or aggravation over; service is a little haphazardly absent, but helpful enough when you get it; and the place is done up open-air and without air-conditioning, pleasant enough for a bit of a loiter.

my friend says it’s “like fast food mexican” – and I concur. it incites just about the same level of enthusiasm those joints would – sufficiently reliable enough for a quick meal, but nothing inspiring.

Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant ‘n’ Bar
32 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village,
Singapore 277690
tel +65 6462 1650
$$.5: three mains + un dessert = seventy-ish

p.s. I cannot remember if the corn chips were complimentary – I don’t recall seeing them on the bill but I do see it on the menu at $4 a bowl: I suggest asking if you’re bothered about these things. it’s a decent bowl with a good salsa, for what it’s worth.

6 thoughts on “cha cha cha mexican restaurant, holland village

  1. i am all in for mexican food… ive tried a couple of decent to good ones here and this one you reviewed could just add into the list. nice one! have you tried the one somewhere near SAM? forgot the name but it has some well cooked traditional dishes – even my mexican friend approves!

    • hi there! I wonder if it’s food-blasphemy to say that I actually prefer the theme-park style of churros.. my tastes are admittedly still slightly juvenile (:

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