lessons learnt (the bangkok edit)

here’s something lighthearted for the weekend – a wrap up of some things I learnt on this trip:

the city is beautiful at night – and it’s incredibly difficult to take photos from the back of a speeding tuktuk (but it’s an experience to behold, and really – passing all those cars stuck in the jam is extremely satisfying).


note to self – starbucks likes to butter their seemingly-innocuous-and-outwardly-healthy turkey-ham-and-egg-on-a-muffin sandwich heavily. they even butter the side touching the cheese.

stay away, far away. better yet to eat a muffin – for at least you knew it was unhealthy.

it is possible to get the partner to eat muesli if it’s been soaked in sweet, flavored milk – coffee used in this experiment. please try it on your health-adverse friends and report back.

diet coke in vietnam has a strong vanilla flavour. delicious.

street food is a beautiful thing – as though I haven’t said this before, eh? – but this large, grilled salt-encrusted fish we grabbed to eat back in the hotel room was flakey and meaty, and went well with the spicy, tangy fish sauce.

there is a hint of what we cantonese call sang – which refers to a strong fishy smell – but nothing too off-putting.

have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

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