lick: little ice cream kafe, katong

if you’re up for a scoop of ice cream this weekend, and pass by this place, well. move on.

there’s a branch of the very-good ice cream gallery just a couple storefronts down, and I recommend that wholeheartedly – it’s great on its own, but especially so relative to this place.


it’s a small store with weird decor, sort of secondary-school-style in front and then with a weirdly and garishly designed alcove in the back – almost looks like they were going for a noir-boudoir sort of feel, but 1. why would you want that in an ice cream parlor, and 2. did they run out of money, which explains the rather (sparse is a kind word) look for the rest of the place?

but this is rather beyond the point, which is that the ice cream isn’t great. the selection of flavors isn’t very wide or interesting, and what we did get ended up pretty pedestrian.

the durian ice cream though, was pretty dismal, and by which I mean I’d like to say it’s best to avoid with an x-foot pole (actual distance determined by personal standards).

it was strangely crumbly and clumpy, and broke off in unappetising chunks. the taste was also slightly floury – and I would say the whole thing rather reminded me of dried out plasticine (you know, like when it no longer adheres homogenously). pretty yuck.

we weren’t impressed, and wholly regretted not going to the ice cream gallery instead – so save yourself the same disappointment.

Lick Flagship Store
258 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437046
tel +65 6440 8526
$: four-a-bowl

3 thoughts on “lick: little ice cream kafe, katong

  1. hey there – you always post these great photos – and then when I am feeling envious you kindly make me feel better by adding in that the food was so so, not worth the trip – like in that post on cakes, although they looked cool, or not very good, as in this one with the icecream :) – seems Singapore and other places, like the rest of the world are hit or miss on food too.

  2. And yet, this ice cream looks tantalizingly like a homemade watermelon and cantaloupe ice cream I used to have as a girl. And my mouth waters looking at the pic:)

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