roasted cabbage wedges

sort of like wedges – just that they aren’t fried. or made of potato. so really not much like wedges except for their shape. I really am just a bag of laughter on this blog.

this is a method-post, more than an exact-measurements exposition on how to turn a huge head of very inexpensive green cabbage into a soft, sweet blast of a dinner with charred edges and a kiss of garlic. I’ve taught (I use this word loosely) you how to sauté any vegetable chinese-style, and now here’s an introduction into the world of roast-any-green-matter you like.

before this trend came about, roast vegetables referred almost definitely to a coterie of root vegetables and squash – but no longer. now you find recipes for roast broccoli and brussel sprouts (which really are just a sort of tiny intense cabbage) – and for good reason too, since the high heat leads to delicious char, as well as renders the vegetables sweet and tender.

the method is simple:

roasted cabbage wedges

1 head of cabbage (I prefer the tight green or white heads to napa for roasting purposes)
chopped garlic (as much as you’d like, I went with four cloves)
sesame oil, to line your pan
light soya sauce, for seasoning
omelette (optional)

    1. wedge your cabbage (you can do halves, then cut five to six wedges from each half). try to keep the core on all the wedges, they help to keep the leaves together. I used a medium cabbage as a dinner serving for myself – but I’m greedy.
    2. grab a baking/roasting sheet/pan large enough to place the cabbages in a single layer (crowding a little is forgivable) and line it with foil, which will eliminate any washing.
    3. drizzle sesame oil on the pan, enough so that it will coat the cabbages later. to this, drizzle in a fair amount of soya sauce (this is to your taste) – this provides salt and also helps with caramelising your cabbage.
    4. place your cabbage wedges into the pan,flipping them over so both sides of the wedge are sufficiently seasoned. drizzle more oil and soya if it’s needed; sprinkle your garlic over the wedges, making sure they all get some garlic-lovin’.
    5. place the pan into the oven and roast – I use the middle rack. you know they’re done when fork-tender and there’s a little char.
    6. top with an omelette for a full meal. I made mine with two eggs in a microwave. yes, I will roast vegetables, but not be bothered to cook an omelette on the stove.

2 thoughts on “roasted cabbage wedges

  1. Interesting way of cooking cabbage – I just bought 1/2 a one for tonights dinner to go with a pie I may have to try this but swop out the sesame oil for butter given it’s a beef cottage pie…

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