grilled dinner

this is such a strange amalgamation of photos – sometimes zooming in too much on food sort of renders it into this unrecognizable (and almost unappetizing mass). but I thought I’d show you another one of our family dinners, a grilled one this time.

we have had a george foreman indoor grill for quite a few years now, back when it was still being advertised on those terrible infommercials with bad acting. we didn’t buy it then, but did when we saw it being used (also almost definitely with terribly acting, but at least you could smell the food) during a demonstration at a food hall somewhere in singapore.

my mum usually goes at it with seafood, and we have an permutation of grilled squid, slabs of steak, sausage, pork chops and chicken fillets at any one time. grilled squid is my favourite – and could possibly be my all-time favourite seafood item – for its curly meatiness and amenability to taking on a slight char.

this time, we had squid marinated in teriyaki sauce, grilled crayfish – bought fresh from the wet market and dismembered by my mum – as well as a utterly fantastic pork fillet flavoured with a vietnamese lemongrass-based marinate taken from jen yu over at use real butter. and to cap it off, of course we had my requisite vegetables.

p.s. don’t you think the crayfish in the first photo look like tiny skewered space creatures?

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