db bistro moderne, town

decent dessert at this american-french import in the marina bay sands mall – not a silence-inducing sort of impressive but did just manage to hit the spot during a dessert craving.

I’m on a quest to dessert my way through the lauded restaurants in this luxurious mall – these restauranters are meant to be at the top of their class, and what better way to test their prowess than through my favourite course of a meal (and the only reason I sit through the preceding courses)?


it’s a nice restaurant – bistro-like steakhouse is probably the best description I can make – with a diligently calculated measure of elegance that I associate with american restaurants. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it’s just very distinctive – their top restaurants are always just-so, with a precise exactness: you can almost imagine the maître d’ measuring everything with a ruler. there’s all the look of european dining, but without the insouciance you often get at those establishments.

we had to get the souffle, especially since it was durian-flavored, and served with mangosteen sorbet. light, mildly sweet and eggy, I think the heavy pungency of the fruit was muted to suit their (likely-foreign) clientele. it might be a little too mild, actually, but any more could make you a social pariah post-meal.

the sorbet was nice but subtle too. I’m not sure it was the best combination – both components had muted profiles that disappeared into an indistinct nothingness when eaten together. I think a good, creamy vanilla might work better here.

his internationally-lauded madeleines were tiny little things nestled lovingly in a cloth basket and dusted with sugar – soft and cakey with crisp edges. I thought them a little one-dimensional though, and a tad too sweet without a cup of tea to wash down.

it was a generous serving – far more than we could (or wanted to) eat at a single seating, so we doggy-bagged about half the portion and ordered the hot chocolate fondant.

a lava cake is so nineties, I know, but it doesn’t stop me loving it. often the chocolatiest things you can get on the menu, it still incites an almost magical sense of awe when you cut into an oozey cake – and this was a decent rendition. I have a suspicion that the innards of the cake aren’t uncooked cake batter – which drops it a couple points in my regard – but it was quite chocolatey and served with two scooops of delicious ice cream. I think it was the best dessert of the three.

so, decent desserts, though I would still pick the wolfgang puck establishment over this. the desserts here are a little lighter on the wallet, and the portions slightly more generous – which makes it a pretty good option if you’re in the area.

db Bistro Moderne
#B1-48 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972
tel +65 6688 8525
$$: three desserts = forty-ish (if I remembered correctly)

p.s. I have osteria mozza’s desserts coming up soon, stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “db bistro moderne, town

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    • I’m in total agreement. I find they have some of the best, most complex desserts! I get very annoyed with expensive restaurants that get so poncy and refuse to serve you just dessert – and I always inquire about the bar, or go late enough that it shouldn’t affect their business too much.

      • I doubt I’d be back to a place like that. Seriously, most high-end places that I know of are hardly ever fully booked. So if someone walks in & just wants desserts, what’s the problem?!
        TBH, I tend to find desserts some what of a let down compared to savory cooking at most places though.

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