kor panich mango sticky rice, bangkok

decent take-away mango sticky rice with a lineage near the grand palace in bangkok.

the partner loves this thai dish of glutinous rice served up with coconut milk and ripe mango, so of course I had to include it in our food itinerary. this one’s a classic no-frills rendition – in short very good, though I think we’ve had better (an implication of personal preference rather than any technical imperfections on their part).


it’s the simplicity of the dessert that leaves it open to interpretation: only three main components – we like a good slab of ripe-but-not-mushy mango, a soft mound of just-past-aldente rice, and a generous pour of coconut milk.

this one here comes with all that laid out neatly in a plastic tray, along with a sprinkle of crunchies (this is advance warning, as we bit down on the first spoon and thereafter wondered if some dental work might be in order) that I believe are fried mung beans.

we liked this, but the rice could have been a smidge softer, and slightly more salted – this latter requires a rather deft hand at seasoning, but we’ve found a saltier take to bring out the sweetness of the mango and coconut milk.

but subjective, eh, and doesn’t detract that this is a technically excellent dessert.

it’s a rather old-school store with barely any signboards (I certainly wouldn’t have known they sold the dessert if I hadn’t come prepared), old ladies selling mangoes outside, and the other other thai goodies in their glass displays. you order outside while they do their magic, and it arrives all bagged up proper.

good dessert, inexpensive, all in the comforts of your hotel room – grab it as part of your excursion to the grand palace.

Kor Panich Khao Niew Moon
431-433 Tanao Road
Bangkok, Thailand
tel +66 2-221-3554
$.5: one portion = B90

p.s. there’s another mango sticky rice institution that we didn’t have time for, but that you might appreciate: Mae Waree is famed for their take on this dessert. find them at 1 Sukhumvit Soi 55 Thonglor, tel +66 2-392-4804.

p.p.s. I had a great run of photos from the grand palace and will hopefully share them soon!

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