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it’s my birthday today! so while I can’t show you (yet) what I’ll be eating later today to celebrate – let’s talk cake! I’ve done this place a couple times, and usually only for cake and dessert – brunch is expensive here (as are the cakes, actually) – especially since they do a mean steamed pudding.


the cafe at paragon has two sitting areas – one inside the shop and one along the main thoroughfare – and I like the outside (brighter light, though also slightly more negligent service). the cake displays are also outside, so you get maximum temptation (how I usually get pulled into the cafe, anyway).

I always order a steamed pudding – I recommend the ginger one if you’re into the spice, as it can seem pretty strong (but deliciously so), and if not, get the less divisive toffee pud. soft, warm cake in a liquid caramel that’s complex enough to not be too cloyingly sweet.

but for the first time, I tried their chocolate nut doorstopper cake – a behemoth of a chocolate fudge cake above caramelized walnuts and a brownie base. definitely a chocoholic’s sort of dessert, it was deep and dark and very rich – and the different textures running through the cake definitely kept it eatable.

I’ve heard lots of good things about the other cakes – like the carrot – and I definitely haven’t been disappointed by any of the sweets here. it’s not cheap – but it definitely makes up for it with size and quality. emminently delicious, and worth the expense (monetarily and calorifically).

P.S Cafe
Level 3, Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859
tel +65 9297 7008

p.s. now instagrammin’ at _andmorefood!

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