level33, marina bay financial centre

nice, chill place to hang out with a glass of wine – and have a dessert (or two). this local microbrewery is pretty top-of-its-class, with a view up on its place on the thirty-third floor (the name’s a no-brainer, really), with a good selection of food and drinks, a good mix of standing and sit-down space – and it feels pretty cozy, even with the throngs of people that come here post-work.

I’ve recently taken to a glass of muscato a week (hey, it’s sort of like wine, which is sort of good for you, right?) – and this place serves up a sweet, honeyed glass of loveliness. it’s smooth and mellow, and quite a nice glass to start with – and of course you could go for one of their beers, brewed not a couple steps from you.

but I’d like to talk about their desserts too (a proper meal here is still a pending to-do) – and in particular, this interpretation of a sticky date pudding with triangular block of cake topped with a fig compote and goat’s cheese caramel. it’s a subtly sweet cake that plays up to the sharp savoriness of the goat’s cheese (which isn’t something I usually eat, but this was properly moderated), and the soft vanilla ice cream on the side.

very pretty, very modern, and a well-portioned plate of enough sweet to sate without cloying.

I’ve also tried their fondant previously, and it’s pretty good too – but I’m working my way up to the assiette, which is a two-person platter of dessert. I could really do with one right now.


#33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
8 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018981
tel +65 6834 3133
$$: 30-ish a person, for a drink each and half a dessert

p.s. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the food here – so if you’re not going to do a full meal, go at least for a nice cap off the weekend. friday’s tomorrow!!

7 thoughts on “level33, marina bay financial centre

      • this is with my new camera, and that was with the older one! the problems of posting about places from an extensive backlog.. I’m currently on a sony apsc, and a prime lens. it’s awesome!

        my previous canon was slightly lower spec, and not nearly as powerful in low-lighting. still felt like I was giving away a kid when I traded it in though.

      • Tell me about it, my whole blog is one big single backlog! That’s actually what takes the most time – deciding on which place is next, as I’m not doing it chronologically.
        Can’t wait to see stuff from the upgrade! A switch from Canon to Sony must entail some acclimatization, but I’m glad you like it

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