the waterfall, shangri-la hotel singapore

wholesome, chichi, yummy-mummy-abound buffet of antipasti and salads at this cafe in the rather-tough-to-get-to shangri-la hotel (they serve up some fantastic mains too). I have finally made my way to this place, and it couldn’t be sooner – the food is light and clean (on the palate; hygiene here taken for granted) and varied in both flavor and color, and there’s a relaxing vibe to this place that lends itself to lazy weekend brunches.

great service too, and reasonable prices given the quality and type of food served – it’s worth the drive/ trek.


shangri-la is one of those chains that’s sort of familiar and posh without trying too hard – and it always has this languid vibe about it that’s rather reflected in this restaurant – filled with lunching ladies in flowing dresses and a mix of couples that just look leisurely, it’s set by the pool side and illuminated rather softly by the sunshine.

that lighting does wonders for the spread of mostly mediterranean-styled food laid out on a long, gorgeous wooden table – very reminiscent of a friends-and-family-event you might expect they’d have in the hamptons – all bits of colorful, tender salad leaves tossed up in salad, appetizings like smoked salmon and prosciutto wrapped up in various styles, and a whole stretch of heavier offerings – bread and soup and cheese alike.

it’s a mass of antipasti – many different flavors and all well-balanced-and-seasoned – but it’s a light flavor profile that seems much better suited to women (than the general stereotype of man). but to bulk things up, the lunch sets also offer the option of an additional set course – anything from fish to beef, if I remember – and it comes as a beautifully plated bit of additional sustenance.

my fish was properly seared – the skin was suitably crispy, the meat flaky, and the little salad on the side of baby carrot and corn was a sweet counterpoint.

but you don’t need the main course – we were just being greedy – the salads are pretty much sufficient for a satisfying, sating weekend lunch, without any of that usual heft that necessitates a post-meal siesta (though you can still take one, if you’re so inclined). delicious food – tastes and feels almost like you’re in a leisurely holiday town – well worth the almost unbelievably reasonable price for lunch.

The Waterfall
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350
tel +65 6213 4138
$$: 40-ish a person

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