las vegas, and some eating (part one)

nothing says las vegas like bright neon lights advertising a bit of harmless (or not quite so harmless) gambling.

I’ve got to admit, it’s not my favorite city. I associate las vegas with stale smoke, seedy joints (even the hotel lobbies feel seedy in nice places), and loud, aggressive people. the last time I visited this place, I was young enough that only the sphinx made an impression, and this time – I can add exorbitantly cut-throat expensive dining to that list of why-I’m-not-so-impressed.

I was there for work, which meant limited time to enjoy their many food options, although I did have the chance to try out what the land-of-blue-and-red is really known for: their not-quite-fast-food-(but-almost) diner-eateries.


but first, let me reiterate – japanese airlines are possibly the best way to fly to the US. the food onboard is decent, and if you’re still peckish, the japanese cafes at the airport are both varied and wildly satisfying. I had sit through two long delta legs this trip, squashed between a recliner and a kicker, and let’s just say that the onigiri helped the migraine.


the international house of pancakes is a nostalgic thing for me – it was the very first introduction I had as a kid to the american appetite, and diners where you can have steak with pancakes with toast. the large menu is bewildering, though it’s really am almost-infinite permutation of all your breakfast foods, and the food is pretty-much as you’d expect from a diner: huge portions and a decent execution.

still worthy to get excited over, but make sure you share – the portions are enough to move you past excitement into waddling discomfort.


this place has got itself a newly-minted fan. I ate here thrice over four days, the barbacoa is delicious, the salad and selection is easily made healthy if you so choose – lots of salad greens and tomatoes and beans please – and really, the barbacoa is delicious.

DELICIOUS. a must visit, and bring some back, will you? I highly recommending taking time out for chipotle – fresh, naturally-delicious ingredients shine here.

roxy’s diner

I was staying at the stratosphere – hotel of the nearly-off-the-building rooftop rollercoasters and slightly out-of-town locale – so roxy’s was just downstairs, and we were drawn by the retroesque decor and extensive menu.

it’s quite a decent diner, and pretty indicative of the type – there’s a long counter where you can do some lonesome eating, or booths with family and friends, and the place dishes up a mix of breakfast fry-ups (of the american omelette sort) in a clean enough space complete with the smell of the griddle and toast.

I grabbed two breakfasts from here – I like the egg white and brown toast options, and lots of ketchup on an avocado-topped omelette, and it’s a good hearty portion. a great choice if you’re in the area and would like the diner experience.

that’s the end of part 1, just to keep you from information overload. part two coming up in a jiffy!

places mentioned here (mostly chains with multiple outlets, but I’m listing the one I visited):

  1. IHOP: 2210 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  2. Chipotle (at the Fashion Show Mall): 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  3. Roxy’s Diner (at the Stratosphere Hotel): 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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