imperial treasure super peking duck, orchard

one of my favorite restaurants, from possibly my favorite group of restaurants in singapore – I associate the imperial treasure line of restaurants (referring to the higher echelons here) with reliable, delicious, traditional cooking in sleek, modern environs and I haven’t been let down by a meal here before.

standards are consistent, even if there are occasional dashes of too-much- or too-little-salt, and service is usually quick and efficient. it’s the sort of place you’d bring your business associates or your in-laws – great for impressing and reasonably priced for it.

p.s. those gloved hands sure look professional, eh?


I’ve done one on this place before, so this is a photographic update, if nothing else.

it’s one of my family’s regular haunts for dimsum or a good dinner, and the eponymous dish is glisteningly shiny and crisp, the meat tender and really rather juicy, and you can choose to finish the meat au naturel or have it shimmied up with noodles or in a stir-fry.

they slice off the skin with some of the best parts of the duck for you to dip in sugar (sounds weird, but tastes great), before the thicker, more substantial slices arrive to be wrapped in thin egg skins with slivers of cucumber and spring onion.

you then have the choice to take your duck sliced and eaten neat, or to have it cooked up (there’s a surcharge for this latter option). it commonly goes into a noodle stir-fry, but we like it chopped up and salt-and-peppered into garlicky, bony chunks. it’s not an option if you a. don’t like garlic or b. don’t like bones, but the kitchen’s probably expert enough to cater to your choice.

we finished with a sweet heavy-on-the-plum sauce pork rib that was very fatty (but therefore also very juicy) in a sauce that was possibly too sweet, and some cleansing greens topped with mushrooms.

it’s good food – and for such a lovely, sleek restaurant, prices aren’t too expensive. the restaurants at the higher price points in the imperial treasure group all make fantastic options for great chinese food, at qualities you’d usually associate with the old-school, venerated hotel chinese restaurants (that have price points to match).

not to say this place is cheap, but hey – in this case you do get what you pay for.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck
#05-42/45 Paragon
290 Orchard Road
Singapore 189558
tel +65 6732 7838
$$$: widely dependent on what you order, but I’d peg this as a 50-at-least sort of place

p.s. I feel like if I replaced “imperial treasure” with “paradise” here, my words would apply just as well.

8 thoughts on “imperial treasure super peking duck, orchard

  1. I’ve never tried the duck cooked up into garlicky boney bits. It looks very tasty, though the sort of thing I’d love to eat with both hands in the privacy of my own home :)

    We usually get san choy bao with the rest of the duck. It’s not so different in concept to Peking duck but goes quite far.

    • I have little shame with using my hands outside, as long as I’m eating with similar company :D

      I don’t think I’ve ever had the remainder in san choy bao before – lettuce cups/ wraps for the rest of you – is that common where you’re at? the most common here is noodles to finish the meal, but it’s usually too heavy for us. this is the salt-and-pepper treatment usually given to squid and the like, so while not very good for you, it’s very tasty with all the garlic!

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  3. Nice review. :) I have been looking for some nice Peking Duck in Singapore for a long time, but never knew of where to find some. Even Hutong at Clarke Quay (which claims to serve Imperial cuisine) does not have Peking Duck on the menu.

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