, orchard paragon

I’m going to cap off this year with what must be my favorite cafe chain in singapore – it’s an oldie, but a goodie. the cakes are consistent, the places are modern-cool and casual, and you never have to deal with too many teenagers at the joints.

last one of the cartoony shots! (until I change my mind, that is).


the prices aren’t cheap, especially if you do dine-in and they deign to scoop a bit of ice cream over your sliced cake, but they make good puddin’ consistently – and that’s merit enough: it’s frustrating when you make up your mind to forego tight bottoms and then be disappointed by dessert.

I’ve never been disappointed here.

my tastes run to chocolate (but of course) – they have rich options like the doorstop, which really is an excuse for eating a mountainously-sized excuse for a snickers bar made into cake – but this also is the one place in which I might pick a non-chocolate dessert over its brown-gold offerings.

the tiramisu is a light option, and its sponge cakes are hefty, substantial choices, but it’s the steamed puddings that stand out – a moist, tender, palm-sized cake sitting in a hot pool of caramel, topped with a scoop of ice cream – and feature most prominently in my thoughts about this place.

the joints do a fair amount of business, so it’s always buzzy – in a good way – and there are so many of them, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t sit down for a bit of cake whenever you fancy.

no better way to finish the year than with cake y’know – have a good one!

PS.Cafe at Paragon
Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Road, Level 3
Singapore 238859
tel +65 9297 7008
$$: 20-30 per person

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