busaba eathai, london

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fantastic thai all over town. I’ve wanted to share this place with you guys for so long, and even though I’ve been here more than 10 times now, it’s so much a weeknight-treat sort of place that I’ve never had my camera with me. (well, so thank goodness for the iphone, and sorry for the artificial quality of the photos)

I’ve had all the noodles on the menu, all the grilled dishes and the sides, most of the soup noodles, and my partner has basically worked his way through the rice dishes. I suppose what I am telling you is that I have never had a bad dish here, although the strangest one that I wouldn’t order again is the fruit salad – which was not to my taste though I wouldn’t say it was a bad dish.

the best dish here is by far the thai calamari, which is the second photo on the left you see there. I always shuffle through my choices for the main, but we always order this dish when we’re at busaba, and the meal wouldn’t be complete without it. the special thing about this dish is the fried battered battered squid covered in a bit of pepper sauce – which is really more like a glaze than sauce, and which perks the dish up like crazy.

at this meal, we ordered morning glory, the thai calamari, tom yum goong noodle soup, green curry chicken rice, chicken butternut squash and pad thai. I also had the coconut carrot (and something) juice which was very silky and refreshing.

there are quite a few branches around town and I’ve been to all of them – and they are all consistent with friendly staff and fantastic cooking. it’s one of those no-reservation canteen-style places where you share a table with people, though occasionally you get window-seats which are a little more private.

by far my favourite place in london. when I visit other thai places in london, I always find this place to beat them in taste and value (and I always miss the thai calamari).

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